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Scott van Burck

Owner and Skipper


Name: Scott van Burck

Experience: Avid fisherman since childhood

Notable Catches:

  • Many large Flathead in the Broadwater
  • Elusive Mangrove-jack in the Broadwater canals
  • The fisherman’s dream: Black Marlin, located just 6km offshore

Scott van Burck, the owner and boat skipper of Fish The Deep, is a highly experienced and passionate fisherman with a specialization in helping customers find various species in the deep reefs of the Gold Coast in Australia. Scott’s love for fishing began during his childhood, and his passion has only grown stronger over the years.

One of Scott’s most sought-after specialties is his ability to help customers find and catch a variety of prized species off the Gold Coast shore. With his extensive knowledge of the Gold Coast’s offshore waters, Scott knows where to locate these magnificent creatures just 6km offshore. He understands the techniques, equipment, and strategies required to target specific fish species successfully, providing his customers with an exhilarating deep-sea fishing experience.

As the owner and boat skipper of Fish The Deep, Scott is dedicated to providing exceptional fishing experiences for all enthusiasts. He combines his extensive knowledge of the Gold Coast’s deep reefs with a deep love for the sport to create unforgettable fishing adventures. Scott understands that each customer has unique preferences and skill levels, and he tailors his trips to meet their individual needs. Whether it’s chasing after marlin or exploring the deep reefs for various species, Scott’s goal is to ensure that every customer aboard Fish The Deep has a remarkable and successful fishing excursion.

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