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The finer details of fishing charters Queensland

  • Do you charter every day?

    Yes we charter seven days a week depending on bookings and the weather and boating conditions. On the Gold Coast we fish all year round with different seasons bringing different species. Whoever books first on a date decides if the fishing trip on that day will be a half day or full day trip.

  • What happens if there is unsafe weather and boating conditions?

    We require customers to confirm between 6.00-6.30pm the night prior to the charter to confirm their booking and make sure the boating conditions will be safe. If the charter is cancelled by Fish The Deep due to unsafe boating conditions, charter is transferred to another day or deposit is refunded. Gift Vouchers are non-refundable however they can be transferred to a later date.

  • Do you cater for individuals and groups?

    Yes, we cater for both individual and group bookings. You do not need a minimum to book. Careel can cater for up to 12 passengers, however we can make up numbers for individual trips also.

  • Are Gift Vouchers available?

    Yes, we do have gift vouchers. They are valid for 12 months. Please check out our gift voucher page for more information.

  • How far in advance to I need to book?

    Our weekend bookings book out about 4-6 weeks in advance, 6-8 weeks in advance during winter. Our midweek bookings generally book out 2-3 days in advance. These are general estimates only. During December and Christmas holidays and School holiday periods you will need to book at least 7-10 days in advance for a midweek booking. At times we do have cancellations and availability for smaller groups or individuals within these periods.

  • Where does the boat depart from?

    The boat departs from The Spit Pontoon, Muriel Henchman Drive, Main Beach, Qld. UBD. Gold Coast Map Reference –Page #29. Coordinates L5. 1.4kms North of Seaworld along Seaworld Drive (The Spit). Plenty of free parking available. Directions and maps are on our Departure page.

  • Do you have both half day and full day fishing charters?

    Yes, we do both full day and half day charters. Our half-day charters are 5 ½ hours and our full day charters are 9 ½ hours. Whoever books first on a date decides if the fishing trip on that day will be a half day or full day trip.

  • What do I need to bring?

    Our charters are all inclusive however we have a few hints of what to bring & wear. Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera, shoes are optional, sensible clothing. There is a lot of water on the deck throughout the day so if decide to wear shoes, wear some you don’t mind getting wet. You can BYO alcohol if you wish. If you have a long drive home you may want to bring an esky to keep your fish in. Please keep esky’s in your car as we do not allow esky’s onboard the vessel, they take up deck room. We cannot supply seasickness tablets or any other medications on board. We recommend all passengers take seasickness tablets in which you can purchase from a chemist over the counter at minimal cost.

  • Can we bring alcohol to drink on the charter?

    Yes, You are quite welcome to bring some alcohol with you. Please keep esky’s in your car as we do not allow esky’s onboard the vessel, they take up deck room. We have a large icebox on deck in which you can store you drinks. Smoking is allowed onboard our vessel and we ask customers to be considerate of non-smokers.

  • How long does it take to get to the fishing grounds?

    It takes about 15-20 minutes to get to the half day fishing grounds and about 35-40 minutes to get to the full day fishing grounds, however we stop on the close reefs to collect live bait, approx 10 minutes from our departure point, on the full day trips. During summer we start fishing immediately after leaving the seaway to target species like marlin, mackerel and sailfish.

  • Is there accommodation close to the departure location?

    Yes, there is plenty of accommodation close to the departure location. Surfers Paradise is only 7 mins by car. If you are considering staying in a hotel please bear in mind when booking these hotels that we are very dependant on the weather and confirmation of the boat departing takes place the night prior to your booking. If your intention to come to the Gold Coast is based purely on fishing its best to wait until we have confirmed the weather to book your hotel.

  • Do I have to be experienced?

    No, we cater to both experienced anglers and novices alike. We assist you in learning techniques of fishing and our friendly crew can answer any of your questions and are on hand to help throughout the day.

  • Can you take more than 12 passengers on your boat?

    ‘Careel’ can take up to 12 passengers. If you wish to cater for more than 12 passengers we can arrange more vessels for your group.

  • Do we pay a deposit?

    Yes, to secure a booking we require a deposit of 50%. Without a deposit we cannot make a booking.

  • How far do you go offshore?

    On the half-day charters we fish approx 10km from the Seaway entrance in depths to approx 33 – 50 metres (18-27 fathoms). On the full day charters we fish between 10km-30km from the seaway entrance in depths to 50 – 90 metres (27-50 fathoms). During our summer season the offshore water currents can prevent us from fishing the full day grounds therefore we will fish the half day grounds on these days.

  • Do I get to keep my catch?

    Yes, you get to keep your catch. Recreational bag limits do apply. We do not gut, Gill or clean your fish, and we legally cannot fillet any species. We recommend you bring an esky to take your fish home if you have a long journey. Eskies are not allowed onboard so please leave them in your car.

  • Do I need a recreational fishing license?

    No, in Queensland you do not need a recreational fishing license.

  • Do you do whale watching charters?

    No, we do not do whale watching charters, however during the months from June to October we often see whales migrating with their babies while fishing. At times these beautiful mammals became curious of the boat and come for a closer look.

  • Do you have discounts for group bookings?

    Yes, we do have discounts for group bookings. When you book an exclusive boat booking charter you can take up to 12 people saving you up to $120 on a half day charter & up to $240 on a full day charter.

  • Once I make a booking is there any need to contact you?

    Yes, you will need to contact us the night prior to the charter between 6.00pm – 6.30pm to confirm your booking and the charter in regard to the weather and boating conditions. If customers do not contact us then we assume they no longer wish to keep their booking and will book other passengers in their place.

  • Do you supply rods and reels?

    Yes we supply all your fishing equipment and bait. We supply Penn Senator overhead reels and Penn 15kg Mariner Plus series rods.

  • Can I bring my own rod & reel?

    Yes, you can bring your own rod & reel. The boys can rig it up to suit offshore fishing for you. We do not allow winches onboard. If you are bringing your own rod and reel we cannot offer our hotel transfer service for you.

  • Can seasickness tablets stop me from being sick and do you supply them?

    In most cases seasickness tablets can prevent you from getting sick. We cannot supply seasickness tablets or any other medications on board. If you wish to take seasickness tablets to reduce the risk of being sick you will need to purchase these tablets from a chemist before the charter and read the directions in regard to taking them. We recommend you to take one tablet the night before and another tablet 1 hour before boarding the boat. Please contact you physician to check if these tablets interfere with your other medications. We do not come back to shore to drop off passengers that are sick. Sick passengers will need to wait until the charter finishes or arrange Coastguard to come get you for a fee.

  • Can I still go offshore fishing while I’m pregnant?

    NO. We advise our customers, for the safety and wellbeing of mother and child, not to go offshore during pregnancy. If you do decide to go then you are putting both mother and baby in danger. All pregnant women onboard must sign a waiver of liability.

  • When is the best time to go game fishing?

    Our game fishing season runs from November through to February. If you wish to specifically game fish only you will need to contact us in regard to a specialty charter.