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FAQs: General

Do you charter every day?

Yes we charter seven days a week depending on bookings and the weather and boating conditions. On the Gold Coast we fish all year round with different seasons bringing different species. Whoever books first on a date decides if the fishing trip on that day will be a half day or full day trip.

What happens if there is unsafe weather and boating conditions?

We require customers to confirm between 6.00-6.30pm the night prior to the charter to confirm their booking and make sure the boating conditions will be safe. If the charter is cancelled by Fish The Deep due to unsafe boating conditions, charter is transferred to another day or deposit is refunded. Gift Vouchers are non-refundable however they can be transferred to a later date.

Do you cater for individuals and groups?

Yes, we cater for both individual and group bookings. You do not need a minimum to book. Careel can cater for up to 12 passengers, however we can make up numbers for individual trips also.

Are Gift Vouchers available?

Yes, we do have gift vouchers. They are valid for 12 months. Please check out our gift voucher page for more information.

Can seasickness tablets stop me from being sick and do you supply them?

In most cases seasickness tablets can prevent you from getting sick. We cannot supply seasickness tablets or any other medications on board. If you wish to take seasickness tablets to reduce the risk of being sick you will need to purchase these tablets from a chemist before the charter and read the directions in regard to taking them. We recommend you to take one tablet the night before and another tablet 1 hour before boarding the boat. Please contact you physician to check if these tablets interfere with your other medications. We do not come back to shore to drop off passengers that are sick. Sick passengers will need to wait until the charter finishes or arrange Coastguard to come get you for a fee.

Can I still go offshore fishing while I’m pregnant?

NO. We advise our customers, for the safety and wellbeing of mother and child, not to go offshore during pregnancy. If you do decide to go then you are putting both mother and baby in danger. All pregnant women onboard must sign a waiver of liability.

When is the best time to go game fishing?

Our game fishing season runs from November through to February. If you wish to specifically game fish only you will need to contact us in regard to a specialty charter.